Vestibular off-ice trainer ("spinner") is used during our off-ice jump sessions, available for booking for coaches with their skaters or available for purchase.



It's perfect for:

Strengthening vestibular system and improving coordination
Development of coordination, balance and height
Physio therapy and ortho-rehabilitation
Practicing "air position" and controlling the body's centre of gravity during the rotation, start and exit
Developing endurance and cardio
Maintaining endurance and muscle tone 

Technical details:

  • Speed of rotation: 0.5 to 5 rotations per second
  • Direction of rotation: clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Speed and direction of rotation are controlled by a corded remote control
  • Power: 110v or 220v
  • The unit is portable if you don't have a permanent location for it, or can be installed within a custom-built platform
  • HARNESS NOT INCLUDED (can be purchased separately)
  • Delivery time: 4-8 weeks

INTRODUCTORY price: 1990 USD + shipping and taxes. Payment by wire-transfer to Canada or e-transfer within Canada.

If you are around Vancouver, BC, there's one unit available to try in Pitt Meadows area. Email us to schedule a demo.

To order, email us, indicating the number of units you are looking to order, type of power required (110v or 220v), and the city/country where the unit will be delivered.

LIABILITY WAIVER: the unit must be used under the supervision of a qualified adult, preferably a certified coach. Rotation should be controlled appropriately to the skill of the skater. By ordering the unit, the user acknowledges the risk of falling and/or being injured as a result of using the unit, agrees with the risks and takes full responsibility for all related risks. The user agrees to not claim any damages from FIT Consult, its employees, directors, suppliers or any other related person or company. 

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